Wednesday, April 3, 2013


You know there is just a time for everything and at sometimes you just have to learn when the right time is for your time and if you find that it is not your time then it is time to move on and maybe in time it will be your time because timing is everything and If its not the right time then maybe its about time you move on because you cant stand to wait and stand in one place because if you are standing then you are not moving and if you are not moving then how can anyone stand to be with you because you are stuck and everyone knows that if you are stuck then you are going no were and no one wants to be with someone who is going no were which is who you will be if you are stuck because you decided to stand in one place when you could have been moving forward but you chose not to because you though that maybe this time would be the right time but in reality it is the wrong time and you are just wasting your time and maybe it is about time you move on.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Needy of Needless Things

I think that I am the most patiently impatient person there is...this also goes along with being incredibly irresponsibly responsible and irrationally rational. Maybe ill get a pet, something fuzzy that I can hold...maybe a guinea pig. Those fuzzy little squeakers have always held a soft spot in my heart. they are just so funny looking and they talk to you in the funniest of ways, but they are super nice and cuddly and soft and for the most part they dont smell as long as you take good care of them. the only problem is were would i keep it...under my bed in a my closet in a cage...ill just let it roam free in the apartment mwhahahahaha!

Look at their little faces, they just want to be loved
I mean rabbits are cool too but I dont think i could ever get a rabbit as cool as my last one that died recently. he was the best. fuzzy like a rabbit but with the personality of a dog. and rabbits are too fast. if a guinea pig tries to escape your affectionate hugs then you just pick it up again because it probably didnt get very far, but if you have ever tried chasing down a rabbit then you know it is a lost cause. 

Sunday, March 17, 2013


If im not careful i might get carried away with these animal things...also the picture is not mine its something i stole from the internet and then doodled over. better get used to them though because i think im going to need to doodle a lot more. it really helps clear my head and makes me so happy and i just really like challenging my creativity, and then you say but shelby thats not creative at doodled a picture of a bird next to a that i say ha! the birds name is wilber...what could be more creative than naming a bird wilber...

Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Depth of your Shuffle

Ok, this is nothing but pure cinimatogriphic majic. Just watch this for me and be amazed. Alt-J is amazing. Honestly I think im in love with them which is saying a lot because I dont really “love” bands that much, I mean I like a lot of music but very few groups have really caught my eye. Alt-J has such a unique and engaging sound that you can help but be caught up and swept away by their music. It you are not quite sure who they are then look up the song Breezeblocks by them. Most people will at least know that song, but I recommend that you go and listen to all their songs, tessalate is another good one. It is my recommendation to do that for most band actually. I mean think about it, you really like this one song that you heard on the radio right? Why would you now want to know if that artist has any other good songs? People these days are very musically shallow. Sure they have many favorite songs and listen to lots of music, but they are just skimming the surface. Knowing one or two songs for many different artist makes you well versed in different types of music and you can probably sing along with anything that comes up on the radio. Now please dont misunderstand me, im not trying to put down those people, I myself happen to grudgingly like both Trouble by taylor swift, and The Beauty and the Beat by Justin Beiber. Its not a bad thing really, but dont make that your only musical income. Its ok to like taylor swift, but dont say that just because you like her one song that happens to be on the radio at the time. Like taylor swift because you have listened to most all of her songs and after some thought you found her lyrics provoking and thoughtful. Like justin beiber (haha, im glad my computer does not know how to spell justin’s last name, there is still hope in society yet) because you find his music fun to dance to and because he has an intriguing life story. Did you know that Ke$ha is crazy...go google ow she got her first record deal. Did you know that Alt-J’s song Breezeblocks is inspired from Were the Wild Things Are? Please dont go, ill eat you up I love you so. Its about being so crazy in love that you would rather kill your lover than let them go. Now there is another great music video. I think one of my favorite pass times is looking up the meaning of songs. There is such a power in words and coupled with music can be pure emotion. It is my opinion that you can see the depths of ones soul through their music. Music is a mood creator, and a captivator. Music is the soul on display, the emotion you wish to relay. There is nothing quite like music and how it can put you in a trance. It moves you and pulls you along into your own hearts dance. There is nothing quite like music how it can both hinder and heal. There is nothing quite like music, there is nothing quite as real.

(haha, sorry for the weird little poem at the end it just sort of slipped out, now go and listen to something old by someone new)

Ok now please dont hate me, but all of that was a side note hehehe...Watch that video again and try to name all the different cultures as they show up. Try to be very specific, not just Hispanic, or Asian, but try to pinpoint it to their exact location, maybe down even to their city. This world is so full of amazing culture. Every continent has something different to offer, and each region within, and each city within all have something unique to them. Its incredible to think about how different people are and how colorful the world is. I wish everyone had the chance to spend a year or two in some culture that is far different from their own. Send a kid from Germany to live in India, or a Canadian to live in Israel. They would learn so could learn so much from others. Each culture has different things to offer, foods, values, religions, clothing, rituals, social norms, ext. Im a big sucker for social norms. Even within America there are vastly complex social norms and it varies from state to state. You would not go the California and walk a cow to the grocery store to sell it. You would not go to Utah and ask if anyone wants to go sunbathing by the lake. (well maybe they do, but I would not because being from California really makes any water source thats not an ocean seem puny and not worth my time) Did you know that some Asian countries have women only trains. (did you know that the french do not capitalize country names or months, where as my computer capitalizes them for me because heaven forbid i forget to capitalize "Murca") go watch the video again and try to imagine yourself in each one of those settings that is portrayed.

Monday, March 11, 2013


I dont care what you say, but I think that everyone looks great in big, frumpy, old grama sweaters. If you have the confidence to pull it off then you my friend could rule the world. Thats it, when I make my initial takeover im going to be wearing me knit sweater. Its official. Theres a slap in the face to all those fancy people in their fine suits and well tailored hats. Look at me in my sweater as I March my army through the streets and we set fire to barrels of whisky...cause whisky just burns so nicely.

Desk Key

The key I turn the key I turn the key in my hand I turn
I know it goes but to were who knows the key in my hand I turn
I always turn and I seek and yearn to find tho hole to were my key does go
The key in my hand the key in my hand the key in my hand I turn
To a door it goes I surely know but to were the door goes who knows
I never let go to the key who I know has a hole to go is in my hand
The key I turn the key I turn the key in my hand I turn
I look and listen to the bustle it thickens so the key in my hand I turn
They look at me but they cannot see because there is no key in their hand
To open this door you need a bit more you need the key in my hand
The key in my hand the key in my hand I turn the key in my hand
My hand it aches for the heart it does shake it wants the key in my hand
There is a door to the key I implore but I must first find my hand
My hands at my heart the key is resting sitting inside my heart
The key I turn the key I turn the key in my hand I turn
The key to a door that is no more what you really want is a desk
They key to a drawer of a desk thats no more so I turn the key in my hand
The keys the keys theres only one key its in my hand the key
The key in my hand the key in my hand I turn the key in my hand
I turn the key in my hand into my heart but there is no key to my heart
My heart is in the desk that is gone inside the door that isnt there
The key I turn the key I turn the key in my hand I turn
The scars on my hand the scars on my hand the key puts scars on my hand
I grip it so tight that the teeth scrape and bite, the key in my hand I turn
I should let go but but my heart cries out no I cannot lose my hand
For in my hand I hold the key the key to a drawer I turn
But the drawer is locked and my heart is blocked
The key I turn the key I turn the key in my hand I turn

While you are Away

While your away I dont have anyone to tell me to be quiet, so I yell.  While your away I dont have anyone to tell me to stop, so I eat all the icecream.  While your away I dont have anyone to tell me to go to sleep, so I stay up till four.  While your away I dont have anyone to tell me to be clean, but I clean anyways. While your away I make sure the house is spotless for when you come back.  While your away I contemplait buying a pet, but I dont, because you will come back and then id never pay attention to the pet.  While your away I check the mail, five times, in one day.  While your away I sit on your bed, its not as soft as mine.  While your away I eat all your food, its not doing you any good anyways, because you are eating somewere else, id hate for it to go bad.  While your away I missed you.